About Us

The N95 Mask Company story 

The N95 Mask Company was founded by Ayrton Campbell, a 31-year-old entrepreneur, after receiving an SMS from the NHS advising him to stay home for 12 weeks, due to having Crohn’s Disease. 

It dawned on him how much his life would change so he started to look at what he could do to protect himself once the 12 weeks were up. It was at this point that he found himself faced with hundreds of different masks to choose from, all with varying levels of protection and guarantees, but many that were uncertified. He wasn’t alone either - he could see other consumers asking the sellers the same questions that he had, to which there were no definitive answers. 

After much research and discussions with leading epidemiologists, GPs and scientists, Ayrton identified the most effective mask as the N95, and made it his mission to create a supply infrastructure of quality N95 masks to aid the UK’s fight against Covid-19.  

As a company we are dedicated to ensuring everyone in the UK has access to a steady supply of effective face masks. We have offered our entire stock and supply infrastructure support to the NHS, and should they decide to accept at any point we will revert to supplying the NHS as a priority.

This is the start of a long journey and our model is designed to go the distance. Our overall aim is to ensure that N95 face masks are accessible and affordable for everyone in the UK for as long as they are required.


Meet Ayrton Campbell, Founder of The N95 Mask Company 

Ayrton Campbell is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in international sourcing and supply infrastructure. After starting his post-graduate career as an accountant, Ayrton has since joined up with other entrepreneurial individuals to create a portfolio of successful businesses. 

The N95 Mask Company is a new venture for Ayrton in that it is not a primarily profit-making venture, but instead, it is designed to have social impact. 

For media interview requests relating to starting a business during the pandemic, crisis-born innovation, or PPE and the current supply infrastructure, please contact Lisa@sensecommunicatons.co.uk 


Meet Dr Gero Baiarda, NHS GP and Clinical Advisor to The N95 Mask Company  

As Clinical Advisor Dr Baiarda provides medical guidance and recommendations on mask-wearing, mask safety and hygiene and best practice when using masks during the COVID-19 outbreak. He also plays an important part in educating the nation on the importance of mask wearing in the fight against Covid-19.

Dr Baiarda’s expert advice has featured heavily across the UK and global mass media after launching his Covid-19 myth-busting series for GP-on-demand service www.gpdq.co.uk.  

Outside of his role as Clinical Advisor, Dr Baiarda is senior GP in a large NHS practice in Windsor.

For media interview requests relating to face masks and public health, please contact Lisa@sensecommunicatons.co.uk